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Our Services

We provide day services throughout the week in Bath, online groups and bespoke 1-to-1 outreach rehab support.

We provide support in Bath and North East Somerset, North and West Wiltshire.

Our focus is on encouraging service users to be actively engaged in developing their personalised support plans (I-Statements), through a person-centred, rehab and outcomes-based approach. We do this in a safe environment which facilitates personal development, independence and improves self-esteem, with an emphasis on adjusting to life in the community again.

Our services are not CQC registered, and we are not able to provide personal care.

Outreach Anchor

Outreach (1-to-1 Rehab & Support)

Our 1-to-1 outreach service uses a person-centred and outcomes-based approach to support brain injury survivors to regain independence, enabling a better quality of life, reducing social isolation and decline in cognitive functioning.

Our rehab and support work includes all the items listed below, and more.

  • Building strategies to improve independent living skills

  • Cognitive rehabilitation, using a modular brain injury workbook and other evidence-based activities

  • Support with neuro physio-based rehabilitation and exercise programmes (with guidance and input from community neuro teams/ neuro physiotherapists)

  • Accessing and engaging in the community

  • Work and learning support

  • Practical help maintaining the home environment

  • Personal affairs and money management

  • Social support, accompanying to appointments and groups etc


We also offer a sitting service to provide respite for carers and family members, as well as advocacy, signposting, emotional support, and befriending.

Current price: £25 per hour + travel and expenses (if out of area)

Day Centre Anchor

Day Centre Sessions

These sessions focus on cognitive rehab-based activities, that are carefully planned and tailored to suit the specific groups of clients attending. We currently run two half day sessions per week, on Tuesday and Friday mornings (9.30am –12.30pm).

We provide a safe space for social and peer support, and a combination of different group-based and individual activities that are aimed at supporting rehabilitation and gaining/ regaining skills around areas such as:

  • Executive functioning

  • Orientation

  • Awareness and insight

  • Managing emotions

  • Improving memory

  • Social skills and cues

At various times of the year, we also provide other popular / requested activities as part of the day centre sessions, sometimes working in partnership with other local organisations (e.g., from Jan to Apr 2022 we had weekly boccia and exercise sessions, ran by Nova Disability Sports).

There is also always time set aside for social and creative activities, ad hoc 1-to-1 support and wellbeing check-ins between staff and clients.

Current price: £30/ £35 per session (depending on local authority area of client)

Activity Groups Anchor

Activity Groups

We have a weekly activity group with a range of activities on offer (currently on Thursdays).

They are usually based out and about, either doing walks (with a focus on improving mobility, orientation, memorising routes, improving confidence and road safety when out in the community), indoor sports/ exercise sessions, or we arrange group visits to places of interest (e.g., exhibitions, galleries, café’s, community spaces etc).

These sessions also promote independence and confidence when out in the community as well as encouraging social connection with peers.

Current price: £30/ £35 per session (depending on local authority area of client)

About Our Services
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