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Referrals are usually made by health or social care professionals, but we also accept referrals from carers, family members, as well as self-referrals.


Who is eligible for support?

  • Adults over 18+ years

  • Live in Bath and North East Somerset, or North/ West Wiltshire

  • Have a diagnosis of acquired or traumatic brain injury. Some examples might include trauma, accident, assault, stroke, tumour, meningitis, haemorrhage, aneurysm, hypoxic or anoxic brain injury, hydrocephalus, encephalitis, among others.  


We are not usually able to support those with progressive neurological conditions (such as Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson's), but are very happy to advise and signpost to other more appropriate services.

Depending on how recently the brain injury occurred and how early the brain injury survivor is in their treatment and recovery, we may receive an initial referral whilst they are still in hospital. We will liaise with relevant departments and community teams involved in their care, to ensure we step in at the most appropriate time. Likewise, we are also happy to accept referrals from those who have a historical brain injury and are now in need of some additional advice or support.

Referral Process

The Referral Process


Complete the simple referral request (below)

We will send a referral form to be completed and returned.


Introductory conversation
We'll guide the brain injury survivor (or referrer / carer / family member if appropriate) through our services and answer questions.


Initial Assessment
This will help us gain a comprehensive picture of your needs and if / how we can best support them. This is usually done at the brain injury survivors home, a mutually agreed quiet space in the community, or at our offices.


Quote Issued
We'll provide a quote for services. If you're unable to self fund, we can suggest a referral to social care, for a care act assessment to be carried out — this will help to identify if you're eligible for financial support or a contribution towards care and support, or other relevant benefits.


Service and support plan agreed.
A rehabilitation assistant / support worker will be allocated and introduced to new client.


Regular Reviews.
Your personalised goals and support plans will be reviewed regularly, and updates can be requested at any time.

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